Saturday, January 27, 2007

Dead Meat

Todats weather reminded me of the ice storm zombie movie Graeme and I were working on some years ago. To help with the pitch we dressed up as Zombies and wandered around in the snow taking pictures.
I put togther this fake movie poster to try to inspire Graeme's script.

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Workin' hard

This here is a drawing of me hard at work at Nelvana. It's one of the many, many drawing of me by my fellow designer Rob Risek. I've almost completely run out of room on the wall around my desk at work because it's covered in these little drawn love letters to me. Although he's getting married in just over a month I truly believe he's developed an unhealthy obsession with me.
He has his own blog but with the addition of this drawing I almost have more Risek art on my blog than he has on his. He does however have an adorable picture of kittens on it.

Superhero Sketch Club

Oh boy, here's my submission for the "Superhero Sketch Club" that's going on at work. I'm not too crazy about it and wanted to keep working on it but then it would no longer be a sketch.
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