Monday, February 26, 2007


Hey, hey everybody.
I know that Hot Bliggity Blog has been sadly neglected. Part of the reason is that my brain has been completely taken over by hockey. Mainly with the beginner league team I belong to, the Toronto Demons.
This Sunday we played our first official game and we won. I can take full credit for the victory because I did not once score on our own net.



Blogger St John Street said...

Hey Cory how's been hope work is kool told Faruk to tell u hello for me great new post by the way, all the best for the rest of the year maybe we;ll cross paths again peace


4:20 AM  
Blogger St John Street said...

Hey Cory just been trying to get back into the flow ish been crazy like I said but I hope to see more zombie and maybe a Godzilla pic from you soon and post something now cause I Know you can bust that ish out quick fast well cya round soon I hope stay fresh bro and take care!!!


7:09 AM  
Blogger moocurtis said...

Hey Cory,

LOL, love this posting! Ricardo is looking forward to coming back from the contract and playing hockey with you! we all miss being around you!

Go Demons Go!!!



7:43 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


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